Feeling Exposed

So 2013 is to be a year when resolutions are kept.  I don’t normally make resolutions; they seem such a waste of time to me because I know that I am never going to give up chocolate or alcohol for a year or never shout at the kids again!  But at the end of 2012, after a year of what felt like a lot of steps backwards I decided that I needed something to focus on; a few things which would challenge me.

The biggest of these is to start a blog, not because I want to share my whole life with the world but because I just want to try and keep a regular record of life here, for me, for my boys.  If anyone else is interested in reading then hey that’s great and if you love to knit, dye yarn, cook or spend time in the garden then so do I and that will be mainly what I blog about.

Another new step forward this month has been to undertake a yarn dyeing commission.  I have dyed my own yarn for a while but only to give away as gifts or use for my own projects, such as this gorgeous scarf I knitted, a pattern from the fabulous Kates Twirl and which you can purchase from her Ravelry Store  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-diamond-dot-scarf

The Diamond Dot Scarf

The Diamond Dot Scarf

The yarn is a fingering weight sock yarn in Baby Alpaca which I dyed in an old pot on my Aga.  The colour is a washed out slate blue which reminds me of delphinium petals as they start to fade once the plant has finished flowering.  Anyway, to get back to the commission I was asked my a friend if I could dye 10 skeins in a palette of silver blues.  Each of the skeins have been dyed to the same recipe but each one has had a subtle change made to the dye bath so that they are all unique but could also be used together for a large project.  8412882377_f61031d89c_m

I was so thrilled to be asked but whenever you start to undertake something for another person, all those doubts creep in of whether it is good enough, will they like it etc.  I’m not sure it is something I would want to make into a full time profession. The hand dyed market is saturated and I enjoy the process of small scale  colour experimentation too much at the moment to want to make it anything bigger.  Plus a small child of nearly 3 who wants to be involved in everything you do does make for an added complication 🙂



7 comments on “Feeling Exposed

  1. The scarf looks lovely – as does the yarn. Hope you enjoy blogging! x G

  2. Shinybees says:

    Lovely yarn! Welcome to the world of blogging, look forward to reading more.

  3. Martine says:

    Hi Kirsty – your blog looks great and your diamond dots turned out really well 🙂 I love the colour of your yarn. Happy blogging!


  4. Kate's Twirl says:

    Hurrah – welcome to the blogasphere! Lovely post – great relaxed chatty writing style – and, of course, perfect topic to start with!! 😉
    Thank you v much for the link to the pattern. x

  5. Great first post Kirsty. Look forward to reading more. Yarn looks fab. What did you dye it with? X

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