Dreams and Plans

I haven’t done a huge amount of knitting this week; the snow has gone away and the sun has even said ‘Hello’ on occasion so I have abandoned the needles to get out in the garden.  Life for me is a huge amount of knitting between December and February before it starts to be taken over by jobs that need to be done outside.

Our garden is not huge – about 1/3 acre – but with a husband who only ever cuts the hedges twice a year and occasionally shouts instructions from the sidelines when I am mowing the lawns, there is more than enough to keep me busy.

And this year there is a huge amount to do as I continue re designing and landscaping parts which I hate and parts which were wrecked by our builders last year.  The first major task is to sort out this mess:


It slopes really badly so needs a retaining wall built and the horrid 70s crazy paving path has to go.  Although I like to think I can crack most things  E (he’s  my husband) has begrudgingly agreed to pay for a landscape gardener after spending months saying ‘Oh I can do that..it will only take a couple of weekends’ .. When I said ‘well get on with it then’ he suddenly decided it was too complicated and we have now got someone who can start in April, so it may get finished this summer.  I’ll keep you posted on developments.

One project that did get completed last year was putting up a new greenhouse which E and my Dad did for me and a mighty fine job they did too


This sits between the garage and the shed and will be used this summer for growing tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumbers and whatever else I can squash in there.  I love growing Heritage varieties of vegetables and was really pleased to receive these in the post this week:


They are from a lovely family run nursery called  At The Garden Gate a small nursery nestled deep in the Galloway hills of lowland Scotland. They grow heritage varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, along with roses, fruit trees and native trees, and offer a mail order service for flower and vegetable seeds.  Their website is http://www.atthegardengate.co.uk and I would highly recommend them.  Janey, the owner is so helpful, the seeds are beautifully packaged and they arrive very quickly after you have placed your order.

One of my favourite varieties which I bought was Webbs Wonderful Lettuce.


Both my grandfather and my Dad used to grow this when I was little.  I have really great memories of picking lettuces and tomatoes in my Grandad’s Cedar Greenhouse which must have cost him a fortune before having them with roast beef sandwiches and cups of strong tea.

Its still a while until I can sow any of these seeds and a long way until we can eat it but in the meantime I will dream and plan and hope we have a better summer than we did last year.




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