Such Very British Behaviour

After another rude encounter with a delivery driver this afternoon when I ended up apologising for him being unable to find our house even though he had the correct postcode, I am sitting here feeling really cross with no one to shout at except for the dog or the children which is hardly fair when none of them have done anything wrong (for once).

It has got me thinking about the occasions when people may take their frustrations out on us and we just stand there and take it….One of the accounts I follow on Twitter is @SoVeryBritish and it tweets about those Very British Problems we can all relate to such as ‘saying you’re pleased with your haircut despite the deep inner sadness it’s causing you’ and always apologising for everything even when it is clearly not your fault, such as when you don’t like food in a restaurant but instead of complaining you mutter ‘Sorry I’m not that hungry’ as the waiter removes your plate. You then make it worse by paying the full bill as well as leaving a tip.

So today was a classic example of such behaviour..I order a TV through Amazon which is fulfilled by a 3rd Party who do not put our whole Amazon Database address on the delivery note; the delivery driver struggles to find us, even though he has been here before and he shouts at me saying I had not given my full address or a contact telephone number  and he had wasted an hour and a half trying to find the house.  He shakes his pen at me in a threatening way and I apologise profusely.  Only when I get back into the house and he has gone on his merry way do I think that there are only 6 houses in my Postcode and even if he had knocked on each of the doors it would not have taken him more than 10 mins.

Why did I not have this witty riposte at the ready when confronted or maybe I should have stuck my knitting needles up his nose.

And there also seems to be a theme with me and Postal/ Parcel workers. Once I was told by a Postman that I had too many brochures and  glossy magazines delivered and that I should think about cancelling some of them as they were a pain to deliver.  Once again I apologised and said I would look into it (he was a particularly grumpy character) when I had no intention of doing such a thing given that most of them were sent to me without asking and the rest I actually enjoyed flicking through over a cup of tea  What I really wanted to say was ‘It’s got nothing to do with you, if I do get 4 copies of the Boden Catalogue every other week..would you like to try getting your name removed from mailing lists or trying to get companies to recognise they are sending multiple copies of the same literature to one address’.  Instead I smile sweetly and apologise.

And it was the same when he bumped into the side of my car while reversing down the lane at top speed just as I was pulling out of our driveway.  Again,  I found myself apologising and saying ‘Don’t’s only a small dent’.

But in the end, I have decided that I would rather continue to be this way safe in the knowledge that I haven’t got embroiled in a slanging match or lost control.  As they say:



3 comments on “Such Very British Behaviour

  1. rachel4848 says:

    So true Kirsty. There have been many times when I’ve been cross or unhappy about something but very rarely do I have the gumption to actually say anything. Depends what sort of mood I’m in! Hope blogging about it helped to get it out of your system xx

  2. srhplfrth says:

    I think it is good to maintain your own standards & not react to other people’s rudeness or incompetence if they are just fleeting presences in your life. This does not apply in situations of physical assault however!!

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