Steel Works Shawl

This week I completed my ‘Steel Works’ Shawl.  The pattern is Holden by Mindy Wilkes and it is a free pattern on Ravelry:

An amazing 5,483 people have knitted this shawl and although I’m not usually one to follow the crowd I love the simplicity of the lace design which is easy to memorise but looks fabulous.  The picot edging also adds another edge of interest, although it took a lot of pins to block out each of those points!

Holden Shawl in my own hand dyed yarn I dyed the yarn myself in shades of silver and slate dye, varying the intensity of the dye bath by adding more water or dye powder until I was happy with the 4 colours.  The dye powder came from the lovely Linda at Tall Yarns n Tales.   I dyed one 100g skein in the main silver grey, and then split another skein into 35g balls and dyed them separately, so that I didn’t waste yarn or have too much left over.

8458253900_7fef2cd87e_c (2)

This shawl would be a great lace project for a beginner as the main body is stocking stitch and the lace border is not difficult to master.  I did the border in three separate colours but the shawl would look just as good in one solid colour or just with the border in contrasting or complimentary colour to the main body.  Oh the possibilities!!!

Kirsty xx


2 comments on “Steel Works Shawl

  1. It’s a really pretty shawl, it’s been on my list for a while. I love the subtle colours you have dyed to use, they work really well. beautiful.

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