Gardening Days are here again

I can’t believe how much I have achieved in the garden over the last few days.  The combination of warmer weather, longer days and a more positive attitude has really made a difference.

When we extended our house 18 months ago we had a patio installed in front of the French Doors at the end of the kitchen.  Because the garden is lower than the house, it had to have a brick wall built under the flagstones and then steps built on three sides down to the lawn.  This made it look quite harsh and hard and so I decided to soften it by planting yew all the way around.  This will eventually knit together into a small formal yew hedge, but at the moment it looks like this:

Untitled I got my lovely Husband to dig the trench last weekend just before it snowed and my Dad helped me this weekend to get the bare rooted plants in.  They had a good layer of horse manure added to the bottom of the trench.  I can tell you, that stunk the car out when I brought it home from the garden centre, and as it was pouring with rain, I couldn’t even have the windows open.  Anyway, I now need to trim  the tops of each yew to roughly the same height and keep it well watered.  Hopefully by next summer it will look more like a hedge.



While Dad finished off I got some Old Fashioned Sweet Pea seeds into cardboard pots and spent some time in the greenhouse where it was a bit warmer. I will start them off indoors and as soon as they germinate they can go into the cold frame.


When we built the extension a lot of the garden got trashed and I moved a large number of perennials, roses and shrubs into the veg garden. Most of these have now to either been moved or given away so that we can grow lots of veg again this summer.   I made a start on Saturday by moving a Viburnium Tinus and a Hebe Buxifolia to the borders either side of the back door.  This allowed me to clear out two raised beds which I will be using for potatoes so they have been manured and turned over ready for some Maris Piper tubers to go in in a few weeks time:


The bed behind them has Asparagus crowns in it which were planted 2 years ago so I’m hoping for a good crop this summer.

Kirsty x



3 comments on “Gardening Days are here again

  1. Hannah says:

    It is a dream of mine to someday have a vegetable garden. I will live vicariously through you for now 🙂

  2. loverj says:

    Oh! To be starting seeds! Another 6 weeks, unfortunately…

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