Great blog post from Team Pugh. I am also fascinated by this period in History particularly the Home Front and the Dig for Victory Campaign which I am currently researching.

A year without supermarkets

Now Becksie must confess that most types of history do not float her boat – knights at round tables, Vikings with pointy hats and very narrow boats, kings and queens of yesteryear! She isn’t being ignorant and understands why others find these subjects very interesting but for her they just don’t tick any boxes. Ian is quite into history as are Aunty Leah, Grandad Gray, Grannie Gray, Grannie Pugh and Grandpa Pugh (Becksie is not 100% sure of Uncle Phil’s thoughts but she knows for a fact he knows a lot about film history) so don’t panic Lizzie will by no means grow up ignorant of history.

However, all this said there is a little corner of history that Becksie LOVES! In fact it fascinates her! Becksie and her exclamations love food history! Well…….. she did say a little corner it’s not quite food history in general. It…

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