Tale of the Fox and the Hare

When I was at Unravel last week, one of the exhibitors was Jenny Barnett.  Jenny is an extremely talented artist who for many years worked as a designer in the ceramics industry for companies such as Wedgwood and Coalport.  Now she works with wool fleece and cloth and produces needle felted sculptures which are exquisite in their detail.

DSCF1432-003                                               robins

The kit I bought was to make a fox.  My first choice had been a Hare but Jenny had sold all her Hare kits so I opted for Mr Fox.  Jenny provides everything you need to make a model; the wool fleece (roving),needles for stabbing the fleece which felts it and makes it hold structure and even the beads for the eyes and the needle and thread to sew them on.  You can buy kits from Jenny here

The instructions were very clear and included drawings of what to do at each step.  I started off making the body by taking a piece of the fleece

2013-02-25 16.47.09

and rolling it into a cone shape before stabbing it with the thicker of the two needles provided until it looks something like a stalactite, shown on the right of the picture below.  I then started to make the face using the sponge provided as something to anchor the shape onto and to have something to stab the needle into rather than the kitchen table.

2013-02-25 17.47.01

Next came the ears..it looks a bit more like a fox face now…

2013-02-26 08.39.38

Then I sewed on the eyes and made a little nose before joining the head to the cone shaped body. Four little rolls of fleece became the legs and another the tail before adding details onto the chest and end of the tail so that it became…

2013-03-02 13.04.25 Overall I was really pleased with the end result.  The older boys recognised it as a fox; Littlest thought it was a dog and E just laughed..but I really enjoyed making him and now he needs a friend so Mr Hare will be ordered soon.

Kirsty xx


2 comments on “Tale of the Fox and the Hare

  1. rachel4848 says:

    Brilliant! And I can see your photos too. I’m clearly doing something wrong xx

    • If I copy photos from something like Flickr it doesn’t seem to always work so I now save them to my Pictures Folder on the Hard Drive and upload them from there and that always works.x

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