Greenhouse Time

It has poured down nearly all day today so apart from walking the dogs I have spent time doing housework..(yuck!!)..knitting (hurrah!!) or in the greenhouse planting seeds.

For the first time I am planting Asparagus Peas, which apparently will taste of asparagus..who would have thought that! The seeds should grow into small shrubby plants with sweet pea like maroon flowers which are then followed by small seed pods, and I am told, are delicious cooked in butter with a little salt.  The pods should be picked when they are an inch long otherwise they go tough.  I have sown the seeds in modules and left them in the greenhouse to be planted out in the vegetable garden in late May.  Because they are a member of the legume family they will fix nitrogen into the soil which will be an ideal spot for planting brassicas (cabbages, broccoli etc) next year.


Asparagus Pea Flowers and Seed Pods

I also planted some tomato seed. I am going to grow a variety of different tomatoes this year, all in the greenhouse. Some will be for cooking, some for eating. Today I have planted two cherry types. The first is a Determinate type (bushy) called Minibel which is a compact plant I will grow in pots, and will not need training up a support. It could also be grown in hanging baskets outside.


Minibel Tomato

The second is the well known Gardener’s Delight which I grow every year and can be grown outside during a good summer or under glass. It is an Indeterminate type which means it needs to be grown up a support and the side shoots removed as it grows.


Gardener’s Delight

Both lots of seed are in modules in a heated propagator as they need a constant temperature of 15-20 degrees to germinate.

Kirsty x

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