Studio Garden

In my blog way back in February I spoke about my plans for the garden area in front of what is going to be my new work studio. It was a mound of soil covered in black plastic and had been like that since the builders left 18 months ago.

But it is no more!!!!  The Landscapers arrived last week and in three days it went from:

IMG_1099 (1024x683)


IMG_1102 (1024x683)



The horrible old patio in front of the studio has been made bigger and replaced with gravel. We have new steps and retaining walls:

IMG_1137 (1024x683)

The slope has been retained with sleepers:

IMG_1138 (1024x683)

and I have started to plant up a border:

IMG_1140 (1024x683)

The poor box plants which have been sat in pots for about 2 years, particularly my peacock are waiting for large holes to be dug so that they can be planted. I particularly hope that the ball and cone will recover as they currently look a bit worse for wear:

IMG_1141 (1024x683)

Next job is to get the grass seed down to join this garden with the side garden, make a wildflower meadow in the space to the side of the studio up to the retaining wall and refurbish the studio inside as it hasn’t been used for years. It also needs a new roof. So, not a lot to do then…..

2 comments on “Studio Garden

  1. Hannah says:

    It looks lovely!

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