Onion Skins

Today there has actually been some sunshine and I decided to plant my onions sets.  They can be planted anytime from now as long as your soils isn’t waterlogged, and as I have raised beds the soil is nice and crumbly and just right for planting.

After digging the bed a few weeks ago, I raked it over and added a general fertiliser. I tend to use calcified seaweed but you could use any general fertiliser that provides nitrogen, phosophrus and potassium

This bed has not been used for onions, garlic or shallots in the past two years to reduce the risk of disease and it has not been manured this year either.  Manure contains a high level of nitrogen which can affect onion growth so best to keep that for crops such as potatoes and runner beans who love it.

I planted them in rows approx 25cm apart with approx 10cm space between each onion.  They are planted pointed side up and just under the surface, so that you can still see the point.   I will need to keep an eye on them until they produce roots as birds tend to pull them out until they are rooted; I’m guessing that they think the onions are worms 🙂  They will need to be watered in dry weather and kept weed free and hopefully I will have a crop by August.

In the greenhouse the sweet pea seeds I planted have germinated and I will grow these on before planting outside in May.

The leek seeds have also germinated and I have moved these from inside the house to the greenhouse where they should be ok.

In the house, a number of my pepper and chilli seeds have come through but I will keep these inside until the risk of all frost has passed,  They can then live happily in the greenhouse.